A brief bio on the owners of XO.


Tom moved to Chicago after graduating from film school in 2004. He loves people and telling stories. He’s passionate and creative; inventive and always thinking of new ideas. He’s the owner, head filmmaker & editor at XO. Jenny moved to Chicago in 2002, to work as an Occupational Therapist. She loves people and touching lives. She’s creative, strong and always looking for a hill to conquer. She’s an owner, writer & assistant producer at XO. They met in Chicago’s Andersonville neighborhood, in 2005. They lived nearby, separated only by an alleyway. They are complementary opposites who fell in love hard and fast. They got married in 2006.


Thinking out loud. Avoiding the crowd. Beagle eyes. Pizza pies. Weighing in. Porcelain skin. Putting out fires. Wings of Desire.



Seven & Caylie. Flossing daily. Being chauffeured. Bright red birds. Trying it all. Shopping malls. Leafy greens. Well-fit jeans.