A union of opposites.

Stories about love.

A great love story is both real & otherworldly; familiar, yet perfectly unique. Two completely different people strive to coalesce. Hearts touch & lives change. Slowly, they begin to melt into one another. A longing for completion leads them to vow never to separate. Year after year, their fascination with each others' uniqueness grows. Heart-spoken words from a momentous day are forever etched upon their collective memory.

Some moments are priceless.

It's not uncommon for a couple to only experience the gathering of all their friends and family in one place to celebration of their love. One of the most incredible parts of a wedding day, is getting to be surrounded by love. XO's wedding films are special because we focus heavily on telling your story through the words of those who know you and have been most invested in your lives.


All your loved ones, gathered in one place.


The wonder of your story echoes on.

Films made with heart.

Check out some of the amazing stories and people we've had the honor of filming. Commission us to help you relive one of the most important events of your life. Inquire with us, today, to have us film your celebration and ensure that the wonder of your story echoes on.

Local films beginning at $3,495



XO is the creative studio of filmmaker, Tom Buttaccio. Based in Chicago, he creates stylish and meaningful pieces about couples in love. XO’s films are thoughtfully designed and made to last a lifetime. Their stylish & emotional works of art are designed to induce deep nostalgia. XO is moved by the beauty of two opposites uniting to make an all new thing.

Tom moved to Chicago after graduating from film school in 2004. He loves people and telling stories. He is passionate and creative; inventive and always thinking of new ideas. He’s the owner, head filmmaker & editor at XO. In 2005, Tom met his wife, Jenny, in Chicago’s Andersonville neighborhood. They lived nearby each other, separated only by an alleyway. They are complementary opposites who fell in love hard & fast. They got married in 2006 and they’ll be together for eternity.